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About Us


Gem, as an East London based, mechanical and electrical supplier, are committed to delivering an exceptional, quality services that benefits all of our Clients, stakeholders and residents.


We are committed to:-


1 – Ensuring best value

2 — Creating a friendly, supportive and positive working environment for everyone involved in or affected by our works

3 – To ensure everyone is treated fairly, and with dignity and respect

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4 – To ensure we protect the environment, and the communities in which we work, by way of delivering our services through sustainable processes and products

5- To deliver on “whole life cycle”, including commercial considerations, efficient processes and recycling constraints

6 – To encourage personal development, while supporting company growth, we provide a comprehensive training programme and individual commitment.

7 – Delivering our services in a fair and transparent manner, that supports working opportunities for those who have the potential to be our future employees or supply chain partners.


Our Company Ethos is such that;

1 – We believe that our staff are our greatest assets.

2 – We apply the principle of “treat others as you yourself would wish to be treated”


3 – We treat our staff with dignity and respect, which translates into courtesy and consideration for our residents.

4 – We create a positive environment, which enables our staff to excel and grow.

5 – We pride ourselves on attracting and retaining staff that enable us to deliver excellence within the industry.

6 – We aim to be the best, to deliver the best service and to have the best rates in the industry.



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