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Company Organisation, Staff and Structure

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Gem have been trading for over 20 years and directly employ all office based staff and site based engineers who have various levels of expertise and the multiple disciplines for the services that we provide.  We believe that our Staff are the heart of our Business, are the reason for our success and the basis on which we strive and continue to grow as an organisation.


Gem believe that the best strategy for effective delivery and high quality outcomes, is the fact that we use direct labour to provide the works.  This contractual commitment to our staff results in a returned benefits of attendance levels and delivering quality for both us and the communities in which we work; this is further supported and enhanced by way of our training commitment and opportunity for an individual’s continued development.

GEM pride ourselves on creating a positive working environment for all of our staff; our ethos is that we are a friendly, team with a “family style” commitment to our staff, such that we promote enthusiasm and a resulting quality outcome.  Everyone is encouraged to be open, supportive and accessible to all, and although everyone has a defined line manager, we encourage communication as the foundation on which trust and relationships are built.

AS an SME, although we promote a structure of direct labour throughout the organisation, we acknowledge a need for a variety of additional support services, but only on a freelance bases; as such, we have identified a number of specialist, highly experienced consultants who assist with services such as H&S, specialist training and Quality Control Processes and monitoring, Human Resources and Finance.

This structure of working and delivery strategy for the various services that we provide, has promoted our success within the industry and supported our steady growth and commercially successful profitability, over the recent years.

As a Limited Company, we have achieved year-on-year growth; this being further supported by positive working relationships with all of our supply-chain partners, materials (60 day terms) and sub-contractors- all of which facilitates positive shutterstock_94963795_w640cash flow and bank balance.

We believe that positive working relationships,with all parties involved within the delivery of a contract, at the essence of our success.