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Company Structure and Overview

GEM as an SME, operate a relatively simple management and delivery structure, based on a four tier, triangularly, structured, staff numbers distribution within the management approach.


This structure is designed to facilitate decision making while distributing responsibilities and responsibilities for specific tasks; it is an evolved structure as opposed to designed one, and is particularly beneficial in supporting our company ethos and service delivery methodology.



A fundamental consideration of this structure is the distribution and sharing of responsibilities both between the tiers and more specifically, within them.  

All staff, regardless of job roles and responsibilities, are given training in customer service skills and “Team Working”; including effective communication skills, efficient time management and pro-active problem solving.


GEM currently employ approximately 50 staff with approximately 85% of them being site based engineers; within this we currently still have a 60:40 split of Mechanical to Electrical engineers (as per their key discipline, although many are multi-skilled).



GEM appreciate the importance of our staff and their role within the above structure; idealistically, we seek to employ individuals at the apprentice level and train and support their personal growth within the company Hierarchy, although we respect the fact that this may not always be practical where demand exceed staff capacity.

Regardless of recruitment level, Gem are committed to providing all staff with appropriate training so as to support their own career progression (monitor by way of an annual staff appraisal process and delivered as part of our individual training budgets) and the company ‘s developing and growing requirements.



Growth Strategy – Gem are aware of the industry resource requirements and are committed to both that and the growth of the company, to the benefit of all concerned; we will seek to work with local schools and colleges to help identify potential “new recruits” whilst promoting new opportunities to improve for existing industry members and GEM staff.

GEM care for all of our staff – a loyalty which has seen us go from strength to strength.