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Financial Considerations.

GEM have been trading for over 20 years as a trading entity.  We have prided ourselves on a steady growth which reflects our skills and our Clients requirements.


In 2013/14 we were required to support an unexpected influx in demand from one of our key Clients – in the spirit of partnering we accommodated this need (by way of additional, self-employed and subcontracted support services) and made the necessary adjustments to our working practices, to ensure a continued excellence in service for both them and our other Clients.  This “jump” has given rise to a variety of statistics which alone are an inaccurate representation of our success.



Over recent years, we have been required to provide additional services within existing contracts, to meet unexpected Client requirements.  Through this, we have widened the scope of services that we can provide and in conjunction with this, we are seeking to enhance our place in the industry market by way of achieving the relevant accreditations.

In addition, this opportunity has increased our desire to expand in functionality and grow in with regards to staff numbers and turnover; all this without sacrificing quality or customer service. (growth projection to be based on previous, steady growth rates.)


Gem as a limited, medium sized enterprise, are required to comply with certain Financial Regulations and Industry Standards, along with trading agreements and Client Contracts – we are proud to confirm that we do trade in a compliant manner across all requirements.

However, the Financial Checking facilities utilised by many, unfortunately, due to the unsustainable growth rate and the strains this has put on some areas of our trading finances, has resulted in a lower than desirable rating; we are committed to improving this as part of our Five Year Business Plan.

Through our flexibility to respond and ability to understand and to meet our client’s needs, we have the recipe for success.