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Philosophy & Manefesto

Gem as a Considerate Contractor are mindful of the numerous and various impacts that our works create and impose, on residents, local communities, staff and the environment.  We are Committed to monitoring these impacts and seeking alternative and improved processes and products that in turn will reduce increase Value for Money and Quality,as well as reducing negative impacts.

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We are committed to ensuring that our decisions and process by which we deliver the works are

1 – Efficient
2 – Considerate
3 – Cost effective

We are committed to

1 – Selecting materials that are environmentally friendly across their “whole-life-cyth3Q6FSW3Dcle”
2 – Applying processes that minimise waste and aim to further minimise waste to landfill
3 – Identifying local supply-chain partner to reduce travel, emissions and congestion impacts

We will aim to

1 – Identify local people for additional staff resource requirements
2 – Promote the industry and to support local schools by offering various leagirls in pinkrning placements
3 – Participate in local events and provide sponsorship and support for local groups and charities

GEM are committed to delivering a caring, considerate, efficient service that delivers on quality, timescales and various sustainability targets