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Ethical Business Delivery

GEM as an SME organisation and a specialist service provider, deliver our expertise by way of direct contracting for maintenance programmes with Local Authorities and public sector organisations; or as sub-contractors to large main contractors in the private sector, delivering new build or refurbishment schemes such as Decent Homes.

GEM deliver the majority of our Works by way of direct, local, labour; thisEffecting-Organizational-Culture1 strategy enables us to build a history and comprehensive picture and knowledge base such that our engineer teams can relate to and truly care about, the communities in which we work.

We Seek local engineers such that they have area knowledge and an invested interest in the communities in which they work and live.  Where we do require sub-contracted resources, these are selected on the same stringent bases as our staff are recruited and they too must Care about the communities in which we work. 

We Commit tofair trade

1 – recruiting staff in a fair and transparent, open manner, creating equal opportunity for all
2 – promoting new opportunities for sub-contractors such that they are accessible and achievable by all 
3 – delivering our services on-time and as required, regardless of management practices,

In addition, GEM commit to delivering our Works in

1 – A consistent, high quality output
2 – An environmentally friendly solution that considers energy use, manufacturing processes, whole life applications and wastage.
3 – A positive working environment that promotes trust, open two-way communication and transparency in our processes
4 – A “team” and united approach to working with other contractors.
5 – A “fair trade” approach to working with other suppliers – seeking best value without any exploitation of others
6 – Compliance with Social and legal considerations in all of our delivery processes,
7 – Promoting and Keeping up with industry changes and developments, whilst safeguarding time honoured practices and traditions that are marked by their quality and proven longevity.


We are realistic as to our place in the current, competitive market, and we pride ourselves that our working practices and delivery ethos, combined with our consideration and respect for “other”, puts us a head above the rest.

“We are small enough to care

 and big enough to deliver”