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Localism Agenda & Strategy

GEM are committed to delivering a quality service using local suppliers, developing local community talent and building long term local relationships.

 We passionately believe that by working together we can achieve a variety of social and community benefits, rather than just the practical outcomes. We believe that by employing people as direct labour, from the contract location, creates an empathy, commitment, consideration and efficiency not easily achievable through a sub-contracted strategy.

GEM will:

  • Commit to recruiting locally when new staff are required construction youth trust vanby working with local agencies
  • Make new opportunities available and accessible to all (as in our Equal Opportunities Policy)
  • Identify local suppliers and sub-contractors, by way of an approved lists, as needed, to support the contract (detailed in our Purchasing Policy).
  • Work with local schools and colleges to support work experience and day release training opportunities in the best interest of local youths.
  • Liaise with schools to promote the industry as a viable career for anyone and everyone.
  • Work with local initiatives to promote safety and a positive environment (FORS)
  • Support local charity initiatives such as “Construction Youth Trust” to help youths into the industry
  • Work with other contractors on combined, collaborative initiatives to help meet our Clients targets