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Manifesto & Commitment

At GEM EBS we believe that ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS – it is very easy for a company to SAY all the right things, But DELIVERING on them is the true challenge.


large-icon-sourcingOur commitment extends beyond the obvious QUALITY elements of the services that we provide, we commit to deliver on

1 – customer service –
a – courteous and consideration interaction,
b – comprehensive and accurate communication,boiler 4
c – respectful and reliable responsiveness,
d – useful and practical support

2 – clean & tidy working, protection of property

3 – environmentally friendly solutions – parts, processes, whole life considerations.

girls in pink4 – passing on manufacturer benefits – warranties

5 – Community Benefits – additional extras for local people, local businesses and the local community



thSU29X4L6these skills are all depend on us hiring the right people and them LISTENING and HEARING what people SAY, WANT and NEED.  Such skills are taught and nurtured in much the same way as the various trades – by example and with training.


We ensure that our aspirations and promises are delivered by ensuring that we employ people that care, we train them to be their best and we future them into our Family of success.