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Meeting the Competitive Challenge

GEM EBS challenge the theory that VFM is at the expense of localism, that Independents can’t compete with the Nationals and that economies and efficiencies are only achievable with size; we seek to add that as a local SME we can also provide a personal and caring touch to all the services we provide.


GEM has worked hard to demonstrate that through affiliations and joint working, we can be as efficient and effective as any competitor in the market place. We have worked hard to link with a selection of manufacturers and through them, we can ensure that our staff are appropriately trained, both in general process and brand efficiencies.

We believe that as part of such collaborative arrangement of clients and suppliers (sometimes through frameworks), we can achieve process and cost efficiencies, comparative with our largest competitors.

In addition, we seek to stay ahead of the industry changes and developments, created by way of innovation, new products, improved processes, enhanced IT (including new hardware and supportive software) which serves to improve operational controls and monitoring processes.



We achieve this through various avenues,

1 – new staff including new apprentices, bringing with them new ideas, updates and challenges,

2 – industry memberships and accreditations, for the company and the individual

3 – industry publications and e-news updates, including individual manufacturer news letters

4 – Participating in annual events and seminars.


Gem acknowledge that information is at the heart to success and ignorance can only lead to demise.

Knowledge allows us to promote ourselves and the benefits of working with an SME

Size does matters,

And we are large enough to deliver up-to-date solution, and small enough to care.