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Meeting Stakeholder needs

thMCNS8G0GAt GEM, we pride ourselves on understanding our responsibilities, who our end users are and what they WANT and NEED!  


Although Gem primarily operate via an “agent, main contractor, client or local authority provider”, as opposed to directly contracting with the end-user “individual”, we aspire to treat the end-user as “our” customer, and to understand their needs.


We apply a process of:-

1 – Ensuring all Engineers are DBS checked, appropriately qualified and accredited and experience in delivering the contracted services.
2 – Identifying local people to deliver the contract so as to have local knowledge and community understanding, combined with a personal commitment and caring attitude
3 – Information sharing and data collection from our clients to ensure best service
4 – Liaising with su

pport services such as Occupational Health and Social Services to ensure best interests achieved.
5- Providing relevant training in both the practical and social development of our staff to ensure that we can deliver the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.



We believe that Customer Service is at the epicentre of our business, and that 

“knowledge” is the lifeline to our success; as such, we train our staff to be

1 – efficient, effective and observant
2 – open and approachable
3 – streamline their delivery processes so as to minimise disruption for all concerned.


Technical and Social Knowledge are the foundations upon which a positive outcome can be achieved.

Customer are the essence of and the reason for our company’s being

Caring is our success