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Sustainable Communities


GEM are committed to working with considerate processes and ensuring our services interact in an environmentally friendly way. We are committed to minimising our waste outputs and managing recycling options in all areas of our business wherever we interact with the community and environment

we do this by:-


GEM commit to the following, across all areas of the services we provide –


1 – to use products that are manufactured in an environmentally, efficient and friendly manner

2 – to source products locally so reducing unnecessary transportation costs and impacts

3 – to use only FSc timber products

4 – to recommend and provide products that are energy efficient and cost effective to use

5 – to recycle old products, either by refurbishing them as a whole or re-using them as parts or to maintain and elongate the life of other equipment; alternatively, as raw materials, for future manufacturing processes.

6 – To provide training for end-users, in the efficient use of new equipment.


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We manage this by way of a Waste Management Policy which –

1 – Is communicated through our staff meetings and Training Policy

2 – Commits to the use of licensed Waste Disposal Suppliers

3 – Includes documentation and application processes.

We believe that waste management is the responsibility of everyone, in every aspect of life; if we are all careful in our actions and mindful of potential environmental impacts, then we can safeguard our communities for the next generation.