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Community Support

The Directors of Gem believe that we have a responsibility not only to our clients, but more directly with the stakeholders, the community and the residents; not only to deliver a quality outcome on the works instructed, but also to find ways to multiply and radiate the benefits achieved from the financial spend into other realms and aspects within the community, by the way in which we approach, deliver and execute the “practical” elements of the works, i.e.


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Primarily, the additional benefits and our key areas of focus are

1 – Creating new jobs,
2 – Working with local suppliers
3 – Providing various types of training, both to our employees and others within the community,
4 – Exciting youths and locals of what we do and encouraging them into the industry by various methods.

a – Apprenticeships
b – Work experience
c – Curriculum support
d- Sponsorships Schemes

curriculum learning We aim to deliver and measure these benefits by working with our Clients’ internal teams and/ or by partnering with local Job Centres or Colleges to identify suitable individuals.


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We will work with local Charities and Schools to provide opportunities and support for Residents and Youths in a variety of formats – be it donations, training, participation in local events or provision of volunteers to support local improvement schemes.  We are Creative thinkers and are therefore flexible in how we manifest the additional benefits.


GEM care about your community, your commitments and yours future;
We will work with you to make everything work for everybody.


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