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Local Opportunities

GEM EBS are an East London Based SME.  We have been delivering Mechanical and Electrical Services for Over 20 years and we have achieved our success by caring about our staff and employing local people who care about the community in which they work and live.  Our Passion for our work and the conscious management of its impacts 3d people partner.and peripheral benefits has resulted in a cycle of aspiration and success.

When Considering the range of positive “impacts” that we can offer, we review the concept of Local within the context of each specific project; such as


1 – the radius covered by the contract and the distance from which staff travel – environmental impacts and response times

2 – the number of opportunities and availability of potential resources to meet those needs – new staff, apprenticeships

3 – population numbers, property types and uses – school links, work placements, korjausukko_230sponsorships, training

4 – Client and Resident aspirations for the community – local improvement schemes and requirement to improve community facilities. – volunteers and donations.



Gem are flexible in how we approach every scheme and as to any ideas and benefits that can be achieved through the delivery methodology – even if there are costs.  We will work with our Clients, by way of open and honest communication, to achieve what everyone aspires to at a balance of benefits against Costs.


Gem are committed to ensuring that money “spent” really does make the world go round.