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Customer Services

GEMS EBS are a Medium Sized Company (SME) with a modern, spacious office based in E3 of East London.  We are committed to developing the way in which we work to ensure that we keep up with current trends and requirements as well as industry standards and legislation.


In particular, as part of our Quality Management Systems, we have specific focus in how we deliver our services and the effects of this on our staff and our customers.


In addition to the basic practicalities of how many staff we employ (currently at approximately 50 staff, of which, 35 of them are mobile/ site based engineers), we monitor the life cycle of everyone’s employment with us so that we can support a successful relationship on both sides, whilst managing business continuity through progression planning and promotional opportunities.  

Fundamentally – our focus for all persons who connect with us; is to show and prove to them, that we really do CARE.


In summary – Gem are committed to delivering on more than just the practical works; we commit to providing

1 – A quality services


2 – Working within environmental constraints and best practices

3 – Delivering works in a safe and considerate way, with regards to ALL affected parties

4 – Ensuring ALL staff are appropriately qualified and accredited for the works they are delivering

5 – Ensuring that the company is appropriately affiliated and members of relevant partnerships and bodies

6 – That we operate a Quality Management System which includes policies on behaviour and conduct aimed towards colleagues and clients

7 – A dedicated Customer Services point of conduct (both by phone and web) and processes manage enquiries or faults as well as ensuring personal security and confidentiality all of which is thoroughly documented.


8 – A training policy which includes individual development and progression planning for current employees , along with commitments to providing apprenticeships, work experience placements and other social learning support schemes.

9 – Participating in local events for employment, supply-chain working and community improvement schemes.

10 –  Positive working environment that enthuses our staff to stay and progress with the growth of the company.

GEM EBS are capable, committed and CARING in everything we do.