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GEM EBS prioritise Quality above ALL other Considerations; Our Policies and Processes are designed to define, promote and support our working methodologies so as to ensure that we can deliver against any and ALL of our Client’s Quality and Customer Service requirements.


processQuality management starts with the selection and training of our staff, and is ensured through our monitoring and testing processes.

For every project, our staff are taught to review and plan carefully the delivery of the work, in consideration of managing and reducing possible disruptions, as well as ensuring efficiencies, effectiveness and excellence.


Our Customer Satisfaction and Performance Monitoring is managed through a number of strategies and processes, as follows

cust-sat-qnr_wordle_00111 – Customer satisfaction survey cards
2 – Courtesy call questions
3 – Online questions
4 – Independent surveys
5 – Resident feedback to site staff
6 – Complaints processes

From this we will collate ALL the data based on a variety of critical subjects based around

1 – Time
2 – Behaviour
3 – Outcome

From this we ensure we review and rectify any failures, improve any inadequacies, develop any suggestions and strive for perfection on everything we do.

GEM believe that information is power and then through this power, we can ensure we are delivering our services as wanted and to the best of our abilities.