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Key Performance Indicators

GEM are committed to delivering EXCELLENCE- to do this we must ensure that our Staff are trained to the best that they can be, that the products used are the best there are and that our interaction with people is courteous and considerate at all times.

to deliver Quality, GEM endeavour to collect as much information, at all stagesth7GSYLJEI of the process, as possible.

Selection and Recording Data

Across the various sectors, the information that is deemed most important will differ, an example being – access constraints for a private residence is different to that of an office which is open 24 hours a day?


A list of the most often used and those deemed the most important are,

1 – Customer Satisfaction (resident feedback forms)
2- Appointments keptsatisfaction graph
3 – Access achieved
8 – Emergency repairs/ call out

4 – Right first time
5 – Completed in first visit
6 – Works completed within given timescales
7 – Jobs overdue
9 – Complaints received
10 – man hours used
11 – Sub-contractors used
12 – H&S incidents including RIDDOR

GEM pride ourselves not only on quality but flexibility to work well with our clients, as part of this, we will collect any (practical, measurable) information possible, during the course of our works. We will then scrutinise all such information against industry benchmarks and client targets.

Historically, we have exceeded required satisfaction levels, however, should a below standards result be identified, our Quality processes and monitoring controls will be reviewed and staff will be re-trained as part of a learning and improvement programme

GEM are committed to delivering a Quality outcome which is both Quantifiable and qualitatively superior to expectation.