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Data Analysis Process

Gem are 100% committed to delivering an EXCELLENT service to ALL of our Clients.  To do this we implement stringent training and delivery strategies following which we carryout carefully designed and managed monitoring processes so as to collect as much information as possible, as accurately as possible and to the most simplistic and finite level of detail as possible


Although a critical consideration for measurement is “Customer Satisfactiocustomer supportn”, this fundamentally is an “emotion” and is made up of a combination of thoughts, which are therefore not a fixed entity.  As such, although an “individual’s” narrative description is interesting, and can give a real feel for a their opinion’s or suggestions for improvement, it is not directly comparative with the words or opinion of another person.  In an attempt to address this, the range of questions selected are an attempt to identify and measure 

This methodology is then turned into a “questionnaires”, which cover topics such as

bank-customer-satisfaction-questionnaire-101 – Are our Customers “Happy”?
2 – Has the work been completed “on time”
3 – Is the Quality of workmanship as agreed and expected,
4 – Have our Staff been Courteous
5 – Has the work been delivered ensuring minimal disruption,
6 – Has the property been left tidy on completion.

We structure our questionnaires so as to ensure their completion is as simple and quick asall of the possible elements that may constitute a person’s “thought”3d human with big positive symbol possible, as such questions are structured in

1 – A Yes/ No Format
2 – options selection or drop-down boxes
3 – text boxes for “additional information”

We use these “types” of questions so as to ensure the Data is in a format that is “collate-able” and “compare-able” against a predefined “benchmark”.


By collecting responses in an on/ off format, it makes them comparable with other response data collected from a different person or in different circumstances and easier to present by way of tabular comparisons and graphs.

Gem are committed to collecting and collating information on topics that are understood by everyone, in a formate that is standardised, and that has been documented in an accurate and comparable format.

Gem are committed to Quality – we ensure we achieve this through our monitoring our performance, measuring our “success” and learning from any “below standards” statistics.