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Key Statistics

Gem are committed to delivering EXCELLENT workmanship, and to do this our staff and engineers are well trained, managed and monitored against a variety of delivery standards and statistics;  and although Quality output and performance sit at the top of our Prioritise, we are also keen to monitor information which identify and mange the profitability of the works provided

Some of the most significant statistics collected, other that Client required KPIs, are

1 – Accounting information
-Income and expenditureturnover graph
-Profit targets and profits achieved
-Annual budgets

2 – Time and motion information
-Time spent travelling between works
-Time spent on call-out repairs as opposed to planned maintenance
-Time wasted in return visits due to lack of required stocked materialsthPXBO9FLI
-Staff productivity levels

3 – Quality Performance
-satisfaction levels

4 – Health and Safety Informationth7WP7UB4Y
-Training data
-Accidents data

5 – Proportion of material costs to labour on delivery of general works

6 – Annual comparisons to review overall performanceStatistics


GEM believe that information is power – it enables us to understand the delivery processes so as to ensure the continued high levels of Customer Satisfaction and performance.