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Gem have grown our Client Base over the past 20 years to include a number of Direct Contracting relationships with London based, Public Sectors Authorities and Housing Bodies, along with Subcontracting Relationships with Large National Contractors and other London Based SME contractors.


We take pride in the Contracts we have Won and the relationships we have built (and the repetitive works orders received in return) and the works that we have delivered for them over the years.



Our Client Base , form of contracting and work type can be categorised under various Heading –

Client Type – Public Sector or Private Sector,


We deliver our works to the ultimate end-users either through direct-contracting or sub-contracting and this can be collated as two distinct and mutually exclusive lists



Work Type – Housing, Education Buildings, Public Building, Office Buildings, Parks andĀ Open Spaces


All works can be categorised according to the nature and use of the property, the form of contract can

be either directly with a public sector body or a via a main contractor “agent” from the private sector, for an Public Sector Client or as part of a private sector new build scheme



Location – East London or London


the nature of our Clients and their classification can also be defined by location.


As there are significant cross overs between the above classifications, we have distinguished our customers according to our Clients’ place in the industry – Public Sector or Private Sector, with specific information being included within each example/ reference.