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GEM EBS are keen to provide our Clients, Stakeholder and Residents, accessible methods of communicating with us; both openly and in confidence.


In addition to the simple “get in touch” button at the side, we provide a range of template forms covering an array of issues and potential queries, with specific and relevant questions, that can be completed online and will then be automatically directed towards the most appropriate team member.


Each of the forms include details as to the purpose and usage for each form


We Aim to respond to such queries within 48 hours, either by way of a full response, or as an acknowledgment of the enquiry and details as to when we will be able to address your requirements.


Should you, at any point, feel that an enquiry or concern has not been appropriately addressed or resolved, then please complete the “dissatisfied client” form which will be directed for resolution, towards one of our Directors.



Our Engineers, Staff and Directors are committed to delivering a high quality, caring service to all our Clients