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GEM EBS as an East London based, Mechanical & Electrical, SME service provider are committed to delivering our work in accordance with legislations, industry standards and Social expectations – with the latter being the most significant and most demanding to deliver against.


In order that we achieve the required standards and social expectations, GEM EBS function in accordance with a suite of policies, processes and supporting and monitoring documentation.


The more obvious and most common to interact with our daily processes being

1 – Environmental Policy supported by a separate Waste Management PolicythKMXZQGDY

2- Equal Opportunities Policy

3- Health & Safety Policy

These supported by our Quality Management System defined Policies including 

1 – Company Organisation & Responsibilities Policy

2 – Quality Control Processes

3 – HR Responsibilities

4 – Training Policy

5 – Purchasing PolicythZR40UKX7

6 – Business Continuity Policy

In addition, to the above functional processes, we operate a personal, caring and considerate set of delivery practices

1 – Customer Service Policy including our Complaints Policy

2 – Community Support StrategythAETSET65




GEM are committed to delivering the best we can be and ensuring that best is better than any minimum standards that have been set by anyone.