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GEM EBS are committed to ensuring that we deliver our works to the highest standard and in a courteous and effect manner

Gem operate a Quality Management System (QMS) to ensures that everything is accurately communicated – received and relayed, and that through our processes, everything is delivered and documented to ensure the desired outcome for all.


Our Policy Covers a myriad of topics and defines a variety of processes and documentation requirements.  These responsibilities sit ultimately with our director, with the practical responsibilities filtered down to our engineers through our induction, training and PDR processes.

The Management system is made up of chapters and Policies, which define our practices and commitments towards our Clients, staff and residents.

Quality System Considerations


1 – Company Scope of works and delivery methodology
2 – Organisational structure and responsibilities
3 – HR including Staff welfare and training
4 – Customer services
– assessment of requirements
– implementation processes and procedures
– feedback and improvements strategies
5 – Information Communication processes and documentation (Inc. templates)quality venn
6 – Quality Control including monitoring and measuring,
7 – documentation and continual review and improvement
8 – Auditing process and Business Continuity


1 – Environmental Policy
2 – Equalities and diversity
3 – Purchasing Policy, supply chain and quality control
4 – Health and Safety Policy


Gem operate our policies as live documents, ensuring that legislation, monitoring and customer feedback are implementing into our procedures to ensure that we are constantly striving to deliver the best that we can be

Gem ensure our Policies and Processes are implemented by ALL employees during every stage of the works and we employ a Quality Manager to carry out inspections at various stages of delivery.  This information is reviewed at Director Level and is used to identify any required changes to the Policy


GEM EBS has a reputation for commitment and quality.

Our Motivation is our Customer’s satisfaction.

We Care – and we do it well!