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Quality Control

At Gem – we pride our self on Customer Services which pivots around Quality workmanship which is then dependant on our processes which are designed to monitor abilities and training credentials.


To achieve Quality we have a suit of Policies that include a comprehensiveth42LEQU2L variety of delivery and monitoring Processes – however – the fundamental element to CONTROLLING quality is

1 – individual mindset and commitment

2 – access to necessary quality products and equipment

3 – practical monitoring processes that are explained and visible

4 – access to technical support and advise – if needed and when needed

lesson5 – relevant and appropriate training courses provided.


these all in consideration of the following constraints

1 – Health & Safety practices

2 – environmental and waste management monitoring.


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ALL these Processes being intended to MONITOR, MANAGE, ENSURE and COMMIT to the HIGHEST POSSIBLE level of CUSTOMER SERVICES and QUALITY output.