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GEM EBS as a long-standing and experienced Mechanical and Electrical Contractor, can provide a variety of services across a multitude of sectors which include (but are not limited to):


1 – Domestic & Communal Heating

2 – Gas Testing

question man 3 – Gas servicing and repairs

4 – Electrical servicing testing

5 – Water testing & Legionnaires

6 – Boosted Water

7 – Building Management Systems (BMS)

8 – Design Services

9 – Decent Homes


We enable the delivery of these works by way of our exceptionally skilled workforce of approximately 50 engineers, of varying levels of experience, and have skill combinations.  The benefits of multi-skilled staff being that we are able to facilitate complex projects more efficiently, with a reduce number of staff required/ present at any given stage.


This strategy also makes us well suited for attending “tight for space” projects and for addressing complex problems and identifying solutions and innovative delivery mechanisms for multi-trade schemes , while ensuring works are delivered in accordance with H&S requirements, budgetary constraints and guidelines as laid down by the various accreditation bodies.



GEM are an experienced supplier of mechanical and electrical servicing engineers,

“we pride our self on doing our best, being our best and achieving the best for everybody and anybody that needs us”.