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Gas Testing


GEM EBS have employed appropriately qualified, approved and accredited, GAS engineers to enable us to provide the required support and expertise in assisting our Clients to Comply with Legislation surrounding the testing and maintenance of Gas using equipment and appliances.


Of our approximately 30 delivery engineers, we maintain a resource of approximately 10 who are GAS SAFE accredited and therefore qualified and approved to work with and test GAS operated appliances.


Gas safety inspections are now a legal requirement for any gas appliances within rented properties.   All landlords are responsible for ensuring that all gas appliances (such as cookers, boilers and any other gas appliances) are checked routinely to ensure they are safe for use; this check also includes functions such as


1 – Repair, replace and maintain gas pipework, flues and appliances in safe condition

2 – Ensure an annual gas safety check on each appliance and flue

3 – Keep a record of each safety check


Our Gas Safe registered engineers provide “gas safety inspections records” for each property, at a convenient time the resident. Following our inspection, you will be p

rovided with a full inspection report which is valid for 1 year.

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Should a concern or fault be identified, we can also service and repair the unsafe gas appliances during the same visit.

All plumbers carrying out such works will be Gas Safe Registered – the legal requirement for working on any gas appliance.


We are committed to delivering “quality” in a “safe” and “appropriate” manner.

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