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Decent Homes Kitchens, Bathrooms and Heating

G.V's of Belle Vue Estate.NL10338Gem have significant experience working as a sub-contractor, delivering a High Quality Service provision, to a number of Main Contractors, in particular, working with them to  deliver a variety of Decent Homes work types.


We are currently working closely with Keepmoat and Axis, in East London, to deliver the following work streams

Typical bathroom at shiregreen

This work has included (in part or whole)

1 – Advice, technical review and design; and if needed, Installation or replacement of a Communal Heating Systems and all the related pipework and testing.
2 – Boosted water tanks and pumps – replacement installations and servicing works
3 – Water treatment testing and if required, Replacement Water Tanks and associated Legionella works
4 – Replacement Gas supply intake16-4-f1005-poole-housing-bathroom-level 5 – Replacement electrical intake


We also can, and have experience in delivering

1 – water and gas supply and fitting to kitchens; co-ordinated to support replacement works programming.
2 – water and electrical supply (showers) to bathrooms; co-ordinated to support replacement works programming.
3 – replacement of all elements of a heating system; boiler, radiator, valves, pipework, thermostats.

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We are committed to delivering “quality” in a “safe” and “appropriate” manner.  


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