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Domestic and Communal Heating

GEM EBS were initially, primarily and plumbing and heating company who developed a Client list based on requirements for more complex, larger heating requirements, which then developed our focus around communal heating systems and commercial units; whilst never forgetting our origins in plumbing and heating as a whole – as such, Domestic, Communal and Commercial Heating requirements and systems are at the centre of our Business Delivery Model.

Domestic – individual boilers/ heating systems, located in individual properties

Communal – shared, large supply heating systems to support multiple properties, schools and commercial properties


Gem are long standing experts in providing



1 – New and replacement Installation works

2 – Planned Preventative Maintenance

3 – Annual inspections and testing

4 – General maintenance

5 – Responsive repairs across various degrees of urgency



To deliver this, we employ over 30, appropriately trained, experienced engineers, who are qualified in accordance with

1 – Nationally recognised BTEC qualifications including

i. Plumbing


ii. Welding

2 – Gas Safe standards

3 – NICIEC where working on electric Boilers

4 – Trade accreditations requirements

5 – CSCS

6 – Health & Safety

We are committed to delivering “quality” in a “safe” and “appropriate” manner.

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