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Gas Servicing & Repairs

GEM EBS are an experienced, well established and long standing provider of works relating to appliances and equipment that require Gas to function.  We employ a number a number of GAS SAFE registered engineers, who are very experienced in working in the industry and delivering a HIGH QUALITY and SAFE service and output.  We are committed to working with and delivering our works in accordance with our Manufacturers specifications.


Our engineers are required to complete industry regulated training and appropriated accreditations, further enhanced by attend training sessions with our partner manufacturers.  Traditionally, servicing requirements are laid down, in detail, by each manufacturer within their operations manual; a process of planned Servicing is designed to prevent faults and loss of facility.

An example of a Manufacturers servicing requirements are detailed below (this is an example and may not apply, or be required for all equipment)


Preliminary Examination

1 – Check for any known problems with the system.

2 – Check the appliance location is suitable for the type of appliance.

3 – Check the appliance for any damage before starting work on it.


4 – Check for correct operation of the appliance, including consumer controls and the safety devices.

5 – Check the flame for correct burning.

6 – Check the electrical wiring complies with electrical regulations.

7 – Check for correct clearances from combustible materials.


8 – Examine gas supply pipework for correct installation and clearances.

9 – Check for correct ventilation to the room containing the appliance.


Enhance Examination

1 – Inspect burner assemble – dismantle & clean pilot assembly and inspect for damage, test disturbed gas joints.


2 – Check appliance case and seals (where appliance is room-sealed) for damage and correct assembly.

3 – Check and adjust pilot flame.

4 – Check operation of thermocouple (flame supervision device).

5 – Measure gas pressure and flow rate, and adjust if necessary.


6 – Inspect/test flue for faults/correct operation.

7 – Inspect flue terminal for correct location and protection.

8 – Check system bypass valve (if fitted) is correctly adjusted.

9 – Check sealed system (if fitted) is at correct pressure.

10 – Advise user of any defects found in writing.

11 – Apply the Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure if necessary.



GEM engineers are proficient in working on a variety of boilers, in accordance with manufacturer’s requirements and are trained by the manufacturer to ensure correct procedure are adhered to.


We are committed to delivering “quality” in a “safe” and “appropriate” manner

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