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Electrical servicing testing

GEM EBS are an experienced and highly Qualified Service Provider. We employ a number of experienced Electricians, some of whom are multi-skilled across various electrical and gas servicing requirements.  We ensure that all of our engineers who deliver electrical testing works have the industry recognised training and qualifications and that senior engineers partner our training engineers, until they are NICIEC accredited.



In addition to completing general training and qualifications, we ensure that our Engineers complete specific Electrical Units, such as the British Standard (BS 7671) Inspection and Testing procedure.



Testing Servicing procedures consists of both visual inspection and specific tests of elements of the appliance/ facility, which is carried out with the help of suitable testing equipment, such as the Megger 1553 multifunctional tester. The electrical installation to be inspected can be either pleted, or an existing electrical installation, in which case a Periodic Inspection and Testing procedure needs to be completed. During both the initial verification and periodic inspection, each circuit must be tested.   It is very important that the sequence of tests is carried out in a correct order.


In both cases, the sequence of tests are:

– Continuity of protective conductors, including main and supplementary bonding- Continuity of ring final circuit conductors
– Insulation resistance testing- Polarity testing
– Earth fault loop impedance testing
– Prospective fault current testing
– RCD testing- Phase sequence testing
PAT-Testing-Logo– Functional testing

GEM employ NICIEC qualified engineers to carry out, monitor and test all electrical works and requirements.  As a company we are also ECA accredited and are working towards a number of additional accreditations to further support us in delivering a number of auxiliary Electricalsp203-1-rgband security services such as

-Electrical Intake replacement
– Electrical PAT testing-
– Fire Alarm systems
– Smoke detection
– sprinklers- Emergency Lighting

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