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Building Management Systems

GEM EBS are an experienced supplier in delivering environmental solution to heating, water and energy requirements in residential or commercial buildings.  Due to the scope and expertise of such requirements, we employ technical ability both directly and via subcontracting supply-chain partners who are approved to both our own and our Clients standards.



The BMS is a “stand alone” computer system that can calculate the pre-set requirements of the building and control the connected plant to meet those needs.


Its inputs, such as temperature sensors and outputs, such as on/off signals are connected into outstations around the building.  Programmes within these outstations use this information to decide the necessary level of applied control.  The outstations are linked together and information can be passed from one to another.  In addition a modem is also connected to the system to allow remote access.


The level of control via the BMS is dependent upon the information received from itssensors and the way in which its programmes tell it to respond to that information.  As well as offering a precise degree of control to its environment, it can be made to alarm on conditions that can’t meet specification or warn of individual items of plant failure.

Gem can both provide assistance in the design and installation of a system, or the cyclical maintenance in which sensors, software and hardware are all working in harmony to ensure satisfactory environmental management.


We are committed to delivering “quality” in a “safe” and “appropriate” manner


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