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Boosted Water

GEM EBS are committed to ensuring that our Clients and their End-users receive the best possible output that can be achieved.  We can assist this both through our expertise and experience in option appraisals and solution selecting, and then a quality installation and maintenance programme.



One of the most important services to any site, whether industrial or residential, is water.  Since more stringent water Regulations have come into force, we are precluded from creating direct connection to the mains water supply; the resulting need is for the installation of holding tanks which then kills the pressure afforded by the mains supply (if factors such as location, building height, gravity systems or other restrictions that affect pressure don’t also apply) such that booster sets are required to enable/ restore the pressures required.


Whether the requirement is for single or multi-pump, constant or variable pressure, or energy saving variable speed drives, GEM can help with assessing and installing the most suitable equipment.  In addition to needing this hardware, there is also the obligation to maintain its performance, along with checking the effectiveness of any expansion vessels and any pressure reducing valves so as to maintain the suitability of the water quality.



Once installed, Gem can provide an annual servicing and planned preventative maintenance arrangement so as to ensure desired pressure levels and clean water facilities are maintained.


This would include

1 – Checking all connections are sealed
2 – pressure levels are correct and maintained
3 – valves are working effectively
4 – Water quality meets current regulations.

We are committed to delivering “quality” in a “safe” and “appropriate” manner.

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