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Design Services

Gem are a firm of Expert Mechanical and Electrical engineers with a significant about of practical experience in installing and maintaining a variety of Mechanical and Electrical equipment and services.



We use our combined experience and expertise  to inform new projects, situations and requirements which in themselves are subject to various problems, constraints and environmental pressures.

In addition to the internal Knowledge, Gem have access to a range of M&E Consultancy suppliers who share the same values and commitments of our Clients, and can assist with the design of less traditional and more significant, complex and intrinsic design requirements.

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When reviewing project requirements,
we are committed to

1 – meeting the output specifications
2 – delivering against environmental expectations
3 – providing a sustainable solution
4 – ensuring VFM
5 – considering Whole-life considerations from manufacturing
6 – energy requirements and disposal

We are committed to delivering “quality” in a “safe” and “appropriate” manner.


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