What we do

Our Services

At GEM we recognise that your clients are our clients, and it is important that we offer:

  • Dedicated business units that you can contact direct to effectively manage all your requirements
  • A 24 hour call out service to deal with emergency situations
  • A full service and maintenance offering across all our business units

GEM is committed to working with clients in a seamless way, being on hand whenever needed and providing a truly efficient and cost-effective service.

We employ dedicated teams of Engineers, Consultants and Utility Associates, who have an extensive knowledge base of the utilities industry, whose sole aim is to deliver projects within time and within budget and to the highest possible standard.  

We offer a 24/7/365 breakdown and planned preventative maintenance facility to our clients covering the following to ensure compliancy.

What makes us Different

What really makes us different from others, in this highly competitive marketplace, is our commitment to working with, rather than for our clients. It’s this collaborative approach, when combined with our ‘Minimum Standards Guarantee’,  that is key to maintaining the highest of standards right across our business and thus generating real customer satisfaction.


What is important to us

To us, our overriding ‘raison d'etre’ is to maximise the value and return we offer clients.

This involves taking a holistic approach to ensure that our solutions are not just ergonomic but also future proofed i.e. designed to facilitate future business success.

Our success comes from developing a collaborative approach with our clients, and ensuring that our technologies, processes, and services all work together to deliver enhanced energy efficiency, occupant comfort, extended asset life and reduced maintenance costs

Resident Information

At GEM people come first

Ensuring that we satisfy the needs of the local community is one of our key priorities.

We can offer:

  • A full construction package including design, construction and connecting to the gas network
  • Installation of domestic and commercial meters
  • Removal of all size meters
  • Domestic and commercial gas service installations / disconnections
  • Connection to gas networks
  • Downstream pipework installations from gas meters
  • Mains and service diversions